IT Vendors

We purchase End of Life (E-o-L): excess stock, ex-demonstration units, customer returns, production over-runs, obsolete, and refurbished assets.

APCD removes aged-asset headaches from Vendors, completes acceptance testing, and delivers a full financial settlement - promptly. Under contract, our Vendors know their exact financial returns, including settlement date. APCD delivers non-conflicting channel distribution of E-o-L and refurbished assets. APCD's unique out-of-market distribution guarantees that E-o-L product does not pollute or compete with new asset installations.

For all our customers, we typically complete the valuation and quotation stage within 24 hours then, we commit to:

  • Timely collection of assets, registration, testing, reporting and financial settlement
  • Out-of-market distribution through our regional networks
  • Secure, and environmentally compliant, disposal of scrap




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