Value Recovery

Value recovery is a key component of our ICT Managed Services Lifecycle and is where APCD started 23 years ago, so we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive range of options to assist in dealing with ICT assets once de-commissioned. Our main goal is to assist you in recovering the maximum value from your old IT assets by Remarketing, Redeploying, Recycling and Certified Environmental Disposal.


APCD will purchase or remarket all assets that test OK and have a value in the used wholesale market. Our extensive re-marketing experience and network of business partners and accredited buyers in Australia and overseas ensures you will receive the maxim return on all valuable assets.

Redeployment and Recycling

Dependent on asset condition and instructions from the client, APCD's refurbishment services range from the simple test and clean through to comprehensive cleaning, data scrubbing, repairs, memory upgrades, software rebuilds, specific user re-imaging, and Warranty. APCD's Warranty service on assets is our guarantee of Quality Assurance for all stock at resale or re-deployment.

Certified Environmental Disposal

APCD takes its e-Waste responsibilities seriously. All assets deemed to be unusable in their present form are data-wiped and dismantled with all components separated into bins. i.e. plastics, mother boards, sheet metal, glass, copper and cable. These are then passed onto our partner companies who reuse or specialise in the remanufacture of these materials. APCD can virtually eliminate any of your material going to landfill.




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