IT Resource Management on Demand
APCD is pleased to offer a comprehensive ICT resource management solution through Ploy. Ploy connects the casual IT workforce with task-oriented assignments across Australia.
Their unique solution allows them to provide clients with a quality, flexible, and purpose-built workforce that streamlines business requirements, making life simpler and more profitable. Better still, Ploy manages everything end to end from talent pooling to payroll. It’s all done autonomously, so you save money, time and most importantly, it means you can focus on more pressing matters.
Ploy’s IT Resource Process Outsourcing model caters to all IT demands. There is no longer a need to pay a premium working with multiple vendors. Ploy can streamline your recruitment, consulting and payroll needs via Ploy’s cloud-based. Learn More >

Talent on Demand

Ploy provides a high response service that enables Australian businesses to quickly and flexibly manage their IT resource levels. Learn More >

Projects & Services

Ploy provides a high response service that enables Australian businesses to quickly and flexibly manage their IT resource levels. Learn More >

Scheduled Support

This unique service is designed to meet the business demands of today’s economy. Learn More >

IT Break Fix

Ploy will ensure your organisation's IT Break Fix is run both effectively and efficiently. Learn More >

24/7 Service Desk

Ploy provides an Australian based support desk tailored to include changing locations and time zones. Learn More >

IT Recruitment

Ploy combines the sophisticated capabilities of larger staffing companies with the personal touch of a boutique service to deliver to your contingent and permanent (FTE) IT staffing requirements. Learn More >

IT Resource Process Outsourcing - ITRPO

Ploy has the experience, knowledge and insight to provide total outsourcing of your IT resources. Learn More >




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