IT Hardware Installation Services

APCD offers a complete range of services at every stage of the IT Hardware Installation process. Whatever your choice of computer supplier, trust APCD’s specialist project teams to configure, deliver and install your new IT assets with minimal interruption to your business.

Bulk Receipt of New IT Assets

For clients with multiple sites, APCD offers bulk storage for computers and distribution services. By having your new IT equipment orders delivered directly to us, you can be assured that your IT assets will be securely stored, configured and delivered to your premises in the precise quantities you require, in accordance with your refresh schedule, regardless of how that may change as the project unfolds. No more project delays, and no more IT assets clogging up your premises waiting to be installed.

Unpacking and Preparation of IT hardware

Prior to transport of your IT hardware to your premises, we will apply asset tags, load your SOE and any other applications and pack the assets securely for transport to your premises.

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IT Hardware Distribution

For CBD locations, we’ll load your IT assets and deliver them on our specially padded trolleys, leaving the bulk of the packaging waste at our premise, not yours. This means we’ll get your IT assets installed faster, and leave no packaging waste behind. Most of it will never reach your premises in the first place.

For regional and remote premises, all IT assets (including assets from multiple vendors) for each facility will be securely packed onto pallets and delivered on the day of the installation.

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Installation of hardware to the Desktop

On the scheduled day(s) of refresh at each site, APCD will deliver the required quantity of new assets and install them at the required desktop locations. We’ll physically connect the assets to power sources and the network and test that they successfully power up. A schedule of assets for each daily refresh, showing asset numbers and serial numbers will be reported daily.

APCD will have a sufficient quantity (say 2%) of additional assets available at each site to cover the incidence of new assets that do not power up.

APCD will dispose of all cartons and packaging materials.

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Loading SOE at Client Premises

APCD can load the SOE and other applications onsite, either via the network or from physical media. Other onsite technical services can be provided on request.

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