Data Centre Relocation

Data Centers are mission critical to businesses and as such, the relocation of Data Centers and equipment can have major effects on your business. Relocation requires many aspects to be considered, planned for and managed in the relocation process. These include:

  • disconnection and packaging
  • identification of all equipment
  • identification of new installation configuration

APCD Pty Ltd are aware of all these critical factors and have the expertise to simplify and manage the process.
APCD Pty Ltd view the relocation tasks on two levels.

  • Physical preparation, removal, transport and relocation of equipment
    • safely and securely
  • Management of the process from
    • De-install maps and procedures
    • Equipment preparation for transport including tagging
    • Supply of any new equipment
    • Configuration of any new or existing equipment
    • Relocation maps for easy placement and identification of equipment

From de-installation of servers and racks to the re-installation of equipment, APCD Pty Ltd has the expertise and experience to provide a seamless and worriless transition from your current premises to your new one.
APCD Pty Ltd takes the worry out of your next relocation and helps plan and manage your move.