Leasing Companies

We remove aged-asset headaches, complete collections to schedule, provide swift testing and asset condition reporting, and then prompt financial settlement. For all our leasing clients, we typically complete the evaluation and quotation stage within 24 hours.

When Leasing companies and their customers coordinate delivery and installation of new assets, APCD can reduce the costs and inconvenience of dual transportation logistics. The benefit to all parties is that APCD can register, deliver, and install new or redeployed assets in parallel with the collections phase.

Specifically for Leasing companies who respond to large Corporate and Government IT Leasing Procurement Tenders, and can differentiate your offer with guaranties of timely and efficient:

  • Timely, all-inclusive clearance of the customers' desks and IT enclosures - in readiness for new asset deliveries
  • Technical de-installation, packing/palleting for nation-wide collections under our own insurance cover, asset registration, testing, and reporting
  • Incorporating all services and charges within the one contract
  • Collections and swap-over deliveries with clean desks;
  • Prompt financial settlement;
  • Buffer-stock management;
  • Environmentally compliant disposal for fully written-down stock.

The growing trend in Australian Leasing is to re-deploy equipment for the best possible Return on Assets. To ensure the best possible redeployment condition at early termination or end of lease, APCD provides comprehensive physical cleaning and data scrubbing services. For our Leasing clients, APCD offers Buffer-stock management services to reduce the customer impacts from asset damage, failure, or theft. APCD commits to holding new, or appropriately refurbished, 'user-imaged' Laptops and Desktop systems etc, ready for courier delivery and exchange at the customer's location. We minimise lost end-customer productivity with prompt delivery of Buffer-stock.




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