Country & Regional Buyers

We are excellent buyers and pass the benefits on to our customers. For our Australia-wide network of Dealers and Resellers, we guarantee a reliable supply chain of the best new and E-o-L product - on call.

For all our regional buyers, we complete the sale and logistics stage on the day, and commit to:

  • On-line freight-tracking - you know exactly when your stock will arrive
  • A stock list that is always current, comprehensive, and accurate
  • Keeping you up-to-date on all our specials and closeout deals
  • Pre-advice on our 'large-order' buys so that you can get in early on high-margin specials and opportunistic deals
  • Inviting customers to 'Fly & Buy' at our Sydney warehouses.

When APCD commits to your order, we include all services and charges within one agreement. There are no hidden costs. APCD specialises in better margins for dealers and resellers of end-of-life and refurbished stock throughout Australia.




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