Corporate & Government

We specialise in the removal of aged-asset headaches, swift asset condition reporting, and prompt financial settlement - to contract.

For all our customers, we typically complete the valuation and quotation stage within 24 hours then, APCD commits to:

  • Timely, all-inclusive clearance of the customers' desks and IT enclosures - in readiness for new asset deliveries;
  • Technical de-installation, packing/palleting for cover, asset registration, testing, reporting and nation-wide collections under our own insurance prompt settlement;
  • Incorporating all services and charges within the one contract
  • Clean desks collections and swap-over deliveries
  • Prompt financial settlement
  • Re-deployment and Buffer-stock management
  • Environmentally compliant disposal for fully written-down stock.

When customers and their suppliers coordinate the delivery and installation of new assets, APCD can substantially reduce the costs and inconvenience of dual transportation logistics. The benefit to all parties is that APCD can register, deliver, and install new or redeployed assets in parallel with the collections phase.

For our larger customers, APCD can offer Buffer-stock management services to reduce the impacts - on their users - from asset damage, failure, or theft. APCD commits to holding new or refurbished, 'user-imaged' Laptop, and Desktop systems etc, ready for courier delivery and exchange at the user's location.

Should an asset be beyond repair or stolen, APCD can organise replacement and software image burn, asset register update, and report to the client.




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