Welcome to APCD

Australia's leader in ICT Managed Services


For over 20 years APCD has been a leader and innovator in providing ICT Managed Services. We have proven ourselves to be an efficient and safe pair of hands on countless jobs and projects.

As one of the only ICT Managed Service providers that can offer a full ICT Lifecycle solution we can support you in managing your assets, projects, resourcing and maintenance requirements. Our extensive range of services provides you with piece of mind that all your ICT requirements can be satisfied from start to finish with the one provider saving time and cost.

We are proactive, value driven and never afraid of going the extra mile to get the job done. That is why we have been repeatedly chosen to partner with many of the largest corporations in the country, Federal, State and Local government agencies and support them with the management and maintenance of their IT assets.


APCD is your best choice when it comes to complete ICT Managed Services


"HP PartsOne" Reseller

IT Resource Management on demand


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